All our precious Puggies are something to brag about! BUT ....
This is Wrigley
the STAR!
e-mail us:
"We went to the first annual
Milwaukee Pug Fest this
weekend. We entered the
costume contest as My Fair
Lady (My Fair Pug). We won
first prize. I made Peggy's
outfit." -Maki S.

We say Congratulations! We
are so proud of you Peggy and
Vanessa Knight
has written a book
about her pug,
Mugsy. She bought
Mugsy from us! It is
available NOW
"Mugsy is great! I am fighting the urge not to get
another pug from you! Here's the book cover
for my second book, "A Pig and a Pug," and
my first already released one for "Moki
Macaroni:" My second book is called  "A Pig
and a Pug" will be out soon. It will retail for
about $15."-Vanessa Knight (Westchester, IL)
Mao is famous! He was featured
in the following article. He is
something to brag about!
We just wanted to let you know we have a little diva dog on our hands :)  Wrigley was approached at her puppy training
school to model for a store that carries accessories for smaller breed dogs!!!!  They just loved Wrigley and thought she
was so cute.  She had her photo shoot 2 weeks ago and they have already posted her photos on their website.  She's on
their homepage and mostly modeled collars/harness and some clothes.

Take a look at

I'll send you an attachment of the photos from the photoshoot.  We are so proud of our little star! :)

Take care-
Jeremy & Veronica
Markl & Kalcifer
want you to go
Loki is famous. He had a
whole article written
about him by Julie Sullivan
Check out the article
For all the White Sox Fans here:

Morgan, Dexter and Dwight have all helped me win a free trip to New York City next week!
My friend Kelly (and her pug Merlin) entered a contest sponsored by a local auto dealership
titled "the biggest White Sox fan in your family." We knew we had to get the pups involved, and
this is what we came up with.
Enjoy! Kristin
Geordi and Bones will be
featured in the Owned By
Pugs calendar for next
Check them out in
January, February and
Becky is now a
certified Therapy
Dog and Canine
Good Citizen!!