Choosing a VET
The Phone Book remains one of the best resources for information about the resources of communities.
One can obtain a lot of important information such as hours and location from the yellow pages. The
Internet is also a new and valuable tool. Animal Newsgroups, Chat Rooms, and Web Sites provide
important information about Animal Resources throughout the nation.

Check the office hours against your schedule. Do you need a Vet who is available on Saturdays or has late
office hours at least once a week? Does the staff seem knowledgeable and helpful? Does talking with them
produce a level of comfort that insures the opportunity to work with them for the lifetime of your

One of the first questions you should ask is whether this vet is available in emergencies, and if so, how can
you contact him. If he is not available, does he have a suggestion for emergency care? It may be that your
area has an emergency hospital nearby. Perhaps they have low cost vaccination clinics that you can take
advantage of. It is critically important to have this information on hand in an emergency when minutes may
count. If there is more than one vet working in the office do they have specialties? Can you request a
specific Veterinarian? You may want to take the time to meet all the vets working in an office before you
decide to see only one of them.

No one likes to discuss money up-front, but it may be an important consideration as well. Most vets are
professional and ethical, but occasionally you may come across one who isn’t. A vet should tell you all the
procedures and medication as well as routine services like check-ups or vaccinations he will be giving to
your pet and the fees for these, an emergency being the exception. Are his rates comparable to other vets
in the area?  Does he accept major credit cards? Will he allow you to make payments if your dog requires
an expensive surgery or treatment?

If you have an unusual breed or a dog that has an unusual condition, you should ask the vet if he is familiar
with it. Ask him questions and be sure that you are comfortable with his response. Does he explain well or
does he dismiss your questions?

Does the vet provide any other services such as boarding or grooming? If these are services that you
require, they may be important factors in your decision.

You will also have an opportunity to meet the staff. Are they helpful?

The boarding and examination room should be clean and orderly. Has the table in the examination room
been wiped after the last patient left?  Are the boarding facilities clean?

The vet should perform a check up on your dog during the first visit. This should include feeling the dog
over for suspicious lumps or bumps, looking in the eyes and ears, checking the teeth and checking the
heart. He should also ask you questions about the dog’s general health. If he has never seen the dog
before, he should ask for some of the dog’s medical history. Does the vet rush the check up (or not do it
all)? Does he listen to you? Is he comfortable with your dog and does he seem to have a good rapport
with the dog? Does your dog seem to like him or at least seem
comfortable? Of course, some dogs are difficult at every vet visit. If your dog is one of these, is the vet
able to handle
him? An experienced vet can handle the most difficult dog with a minimum of stress for the dog.
I am often asked for a vet reference and not being from Chicago I asked the people
who would know  
The owners of pugs!  These were their suggestions.
"We recommend" G

Skokie Animal Hospital
7550 N. Lincoln Ave.
Skokie, IL
Recommend by two pug lovers:
"And his dog is a pug named
Rocky so yes he does have a soft
spot for pugs too." A.M.

Dr. Dan Benefiel
632 Amersale Drive
Naperville, Illinois 60563
(630) 420-8088
"The docs there are wonderful and they
boarding services, too." JR

Woodstock Vet Clinic
691 Lake Ave.
Woodstock, IL 60098

Ask us about our
comfort package!
"Our vet suggested a raw food
diet and makes house calls" GW

Compassionate Veterinary Care

Amir Shanan, DVM
620 W. Webster
Chicago, IL 60614

Everyone in the office, vets, nurses and receptionists treat the
animals with the
utmost care. They are very friendly, and one instantly recognizes
their love for
animals." KS

The Western SpringsVeterinary Clinic
500 Hill Grove
Western Springs, IL 60558

Gold Coast Animal Hospital
225 W Division St
Chicago IL 60610

Dr. Humphry Roberts
Wheeling Animal
Wheeling, IL
Golf Rose Animal Hospital
1375 N Roselle Road
Schaumburg, IL 60195
847-885-3344 - Find Veterinarians
Tippecanoe Animal Hospital Inc
3818 State Road 38 E
Lafayette, IN 47905

(765) 447-5088
They offer a puppy pack including all
their shots for the 1st 6 months