Frank makes us happy every day.  He is so smart.  We‘ve taught him to
ring a bell on a string tied to the door knob to tell us he needs to go out.  
He looks out the front window waiting for the kid’s bus to come down
the street just about when it’s time for them to come home.  Then, after
they’ve been home awhile, he goes back and waits for my husband.  He’
s cuddly and playful.  We all love him so much.  Since we’ve taken him
camping with us, we now realize what a tough little trouper he is.  He
goes just about everywhere with us.  We take him with us when we
travel to hotels, or put him in a kennel where we will be so we can visit
him.  We call him “Frankie the wonder dog” because he always seems to
surprise us with the things he does!

Well as you probably could expect, we are loving Mitzi more & more
each day.  She is so cute.  We love her little bark.  When Frank is on the
couch and she’s not, she barks to be picked up and put on the couch!
Julie Z.
Zeke is doing very well. He is
a little fiesty one compared to
Zoe and they have lots of fun
playing around. We took Zeke
to the vet and the vet says he
looks great. He really has
taken to his name. Thanks so
much for making this a very
good experience.
I just wanted to let you know that Katie is
doing great. She is really
playful, and also likes to cuddle and give
kisses. We are having alot of fun
together. I couldn't have asked for a
better "daughter!" Thanks you so
much. I'll keep in touch!! Jodie E
(Lebanon, Indiana)
I love my dogs so much!!!  I keep
waiting for them to talk to me.  I will
write you more later on their two
distinctly different personalities. You raise
incredible dogs.
Jackie S. (Goshen Indiana)
Hello. Francis is doing very
well. I
took her to the vet last week
and they
said she was very healthy.
She seems
like a very happy dog and she
getting lots of attention.
Kristen C
I bought my Pug, Stella, from Dawn .  I found her ad in the Chicago
beginning.  I wanted to make sure that I was getting a healthy Pug and that I
was prepared for her arrival.  I called and emailed Dawn constantly with
questions and concerns and she always responded promptly and was very
helpful. She drove all the way to Chicago from Indiana to deliver Stella.  It
was love at first sight when I met my little Pug puppy.  Stella is the greatest
dog ever.  Not only is she beautiful and healthy, but she is also really smart,
well behaved, and has the cutest personality.  She snuggles in my lap when I
sit down and falls asleep.  She is calm when I am calm, but when I want to
go on a nice long walk she is right by my side, strutting down the street.  She
is definitely the hit of Chicago.  I would like to recommend Dawn very highly.  She is a
reliable and responsible breeder.  I am thinking of
possibly getting another Pug and I would not think of buying one from
another breeder. Maureen A. (Chicago, Ill)
e-mail us:
Thank you so much for delivering
a wonderful Bundle we call Zo-E.  
She is so sweet and loves
absolutely everyone.  She greets
all who meet her with tons of pug
kisses and grunts.  
Dear Dawn,

We took Stevie Ray to the vet today and
he behaved wonderfully and recieved a
clean bill of health!! He is a very active
puppy who gives great kisses. Thank you
so much for bringing him into our lives.
Mike and Abby J. (Chicago, Ill
Ask about our
comfort package!

Thanks for the wonderful pets!"

Susan M.