Grooming Basics
You should very gently run a wet or dry washcloth through the wrinkles of your Pug's face about once daily,
just to make sure there's not a lot of moisture or dirt building up in there. If you are using a wet washcloth be
sure to dry the area.

Eye care in Pugs is very important because of the way their eyes are not protected as other dog’s eyes are.
Signs of eye problems may include winking or squinting in only one eye, or a gray or white cloudy spot on the
eye, or extra globs especially if they are yellow or greenish colored. You can use just plain saline solution to
wash out your Pugs eyes if you think they just have sand, dirt or grit in them, but if the problems persist have
your vet check them out immediately! Eye problems left to linger too long can lead to infections, ulcers and loss
of eyesight in your Pug

Skin and Nails:
A good brush is the best tool to keep shedding down and it keeps it off your furniture and clothes as well.
While brushing run your hands over the Pug and watch for moisture or unusual lumps. This is just a good way
to check your dog over and catch any potential problems before they start or get out of hand.

One of the biggest complaints people have is that their Pug won't let them trim the toenails without a fight. I
touch my puppies’ paws and nails daily. Pick them up and examine them, some sources suggest touching them
with the clippers even if you don't actually USE it, they get used to it and the problem is solved.

When trimming a dog's claw clip the point where the nail starts to curve down.  Trimming to little is much better
than trimming too much. If the quick, the living part of the nail, is clipped the nail can bleed and become very
sore. If this happens us some Styptic powder to stop the bleeding. In a pinch cornstarch or flour will clot the
bleeding. When the bleeding stops keep the nail clean and covered if possible. If any sign of infection occurs a
vet visit may be called for.

Teeth should be brushed 2 to 3 times a weeks. We use a finger toothbrush because of the control you have in
a pug's small mouth, but have used a toothbrush successfully too. We use a dog toothpaste because my Pugs
don't like the mint taste and I read in an excellent pug book "Don't use a human toothpaste that foams, Pugs
can't spit and if they swallow the foam, it can upset their stomachs".
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