This page is dedicated to people who feel
just ONE pug is not enough!
Ask about my Comfort
The owners of these pugs sent me
these pictures. All pugs are named,
but not all have been bred by us
e-mail us:
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Remi & Ladybug
Bruiser and Crusher
Jack and Bernie
Oscar and Henry
Rocco and Sadie
T-Bone and Ziggy
Zeke and ZoeGirl
Louie and
Mochi and Nori
Mollie and Ollie
Frankie &
Herbie and Stanley
Minnie and the late Mickey
Dexter and Morgan
Abby and Roxy
Astro -Oliver
Kane and Peppermint
Dory & Dozer
Lilly and Oliver
sammy and
Wrigley & Sox
ZuZu and Archie
Zoey & Myra