PUG Proofing Your House
Although PUGS can jump onto a sofa or bed, PUGS are not good leapers, and they are not tall enough to reach
the kitchen table. This makes PUG proofing your home much easier. PUG proofing is much like baby-proofing
you home. You put fragile or dangerous items too high for your PUG to reach and cover or hide things a PUG
may chew on.
Look around for stray electric cords. Cover them with plastic tubes, which you can buy in any auto-supply shop.
You may want to unplug all unused electric appliances.
Keep all cleansers chemicals, and toilet articles in cabinets that can be securely closed or locked
Keep doors closed to rooms you don’t want your PUG investigating.
Keep sliding doors closed and marked in some way so PUGS won’t run into the glass.
Keep sewing supplies, yarn, rubber bands, hot irons, cigarettes, and plastic bags out of reach